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Sustainable Solutions for Sport and the Planet

EcoIMPACT SPORTS is a sustainability consultancy, supporting the sports industry to adapt to climate and environmental challenges and to make a positive impact on the planet, our profits and our people for a sustainable future.

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As the world transitions to a cleaner, greener way of living, Sport has the potential to contribute to the global 'Race to Zero' and the protection of our planet, by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to climate change challenges, preventing pollution and supporting biodiversity.


Operational resource efficiencies to reduce energy and water consumption, and circular thinking with the products we use and the waste we create, can not only protect the environment but also lead to substantial financial benefits.


Positive communication of sustainability activities and engaging with stakeholders and communities, can inspire and drive climate and environmental action and demonstrate sport's commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and inclusion.

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EcoIMPACT SPORTS can support you with a clear step by step road map for your sustainable sport success.


Following a baseline review, identifying risks and opportunities, we can produce a Sustainability Strategy and Plan for future projects.


We can support with project delivery and making further progress with reaching standards and certifications.

We can produce a communications plan and content to promote your sustainability actions with your stakeholders. 


We can provide education and training for facilities staff, stakeholders and students in the sports and turf management industries.

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